Just curious, are you bothered ever when you see the celings in disney rides? I feel like covering up the tile with black would be so easy and it can take me out of the magic a little. Such a nitpick and I'm probably the only one, but I feel like it'd be so easy to do! It makes me feel like I'm in a warehouse



It depends on the ride, the better designed rides focus your attention away from backstage elements and disguise them well. The worse ones COUGH MERMAID COUGH leave back stage elements out in the open and lead your attention to them. So it’s not nitpicky, and you are totally right it would be very easy to do. Like the haunted mansion for example or pirates, there is never a moment where you look up and think I am in a show building right now.

I agree with this TOTALLY!! In Paris, I hate it in it’s a small world, when you have to look up to notice the great design just to be distracted by ugly grey ceiling. Covering it with a cloudy/ starry sky scene would be simple & effective, leaving you to enjoy the ride!